What the hell is going on and why is that tortoise so damn sexy?image


Judy is a Russian Tortoise that was rescued from a rather unfortunate situation.  She was originally purchased as a pet for a child, who eventually lost interest in it.  She found her way into the caring arms of a Columbus, OH based comedian, burlesque host, amateur photographer, and unabashed reptile lover Erik Tait.

Judy is now the pinup princess of everyone’s dream, but she is a model with a message.  She’s body positive.  All bodies are beautiful.  No matter what shape or size you are; you’re probably pretty perfect.  Self image is something that everyone has to deal with, man or woman.  Judy says that you should love yourself no matter what you look like.  It’s totes salad to want to get healthy through better eating and exercise.  Judy loves long walks and fresh greens.  But she also knows that you’ve got to flaunt what you got.

Judy has a message just for you mammals out there.  Tortoises are a life time commitment.  Before you rush out and get your very own pinup tortoise remember to do your research.  Judy is a high maintenance gal and requires a lot of love and attention to keep her looking pinup perfect.  Russian tortoises can live up to fifty years, and require care their entire life.  In addition to her manager and room mate Erik, Judy has a network of people who take extra special care of her since she is not native to Columbus, OH.  Feel free to reach out to Judy or Erik if you have any questions about Russian Tortoise care or want a recommendation on an excellent vet.  If you are serious about a Russian Tortoise as a room mate please consider a rescue before you go to a pet shop.  There are a lot of Russian Tortoises that want a loving home.

Thanks to everyone for being totes salad!